anyone have an easy Whipped Cream Recipe

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I bake & decorate cakes & the funny thing is I have NEVER tried to make whipped cream frosting for cupcakes or to frost a cake lol!! Is frosting a cake with this kind of icing easier then buttercream. Luckily I have not had anyone request a cake with whipped cream icing but it would be nice to try it out test the waters please help!!

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Nikki Belleperche ...

I have never worked with it personally but I know it is lighter/fluffier then buttercream and less stable. Pastry pride makes a whipped frosting (The only place I know that sells it is smart and final). I have tried it once instead of the normal pastry pride whipped topping, it was thicker and but still had the same great taste. It might be a good thing to try out for your first time working with it?

Jessica ...

I mainly used it when I decorated at grocery stores since you could get whipped cream frosting or American buttercream as your two options. When I personally used it in the past I used it for icecream cakes and I used Pastry Pride just like CorpseQueen said, I got mine at Smart and Final. Is it harder to use than buttercream, yes it can be. It’s not impossible here is what you need to consider. It must be refrigerated, the colors tend to bleed faster than they would with another buttercream. Tends to get more airbubbles in it and when piping with it after it’s been out for awhile it can pop out the bag (airbubbles). Got to work faster cause warm hands can run the icing. I would still use it for icecream cakes but not sure about anything else. Sorry I didn’t have a recipe just thought I would share some info! :)

Tiffany Palmer ...

I have always used this recipe. It’s delicious, easy to make and keeps well in the fridge. Your cake will have to be kept refrigerated though! I have used as a filling too.