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Baking & standing for a long time anyone get lower back pains any reccommendations??

Is there a good mat I should invest in to stand on.. I had the worst lower back pain ever from standing and couldnt really walk. Feel better now but wondering what you all bakers use.. Thanks!!

Love these easy going customers they make me feel excited about doing there cakes!!

Just thought I’d share BUT I just love love love those easy-going customers that send you a picture of what they want you send them your ideas and all they say is yes yes yes ahhhh gets me so excited to work on there stuff… I dont know what it is...

My First Unsatisfied Customer... Kinda hurt my feelings just abit...

So I had booked this order flavors price everything was confirmed as time went by before this babyshower she must of changed her mind on decor flavors so many times & also a day before the order she asked me how much more for a bigger cake...