Foil Cupcake Lines vs Paper Liners

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Foil Cupcake Lines vs Paper Liners

I have been experimenting with flavors & I made Butterfinger Cupcakes & for some reason there was a salty butter after taste from the ones in foil & NO after taste in the ones from the paper liner why?

Heres what I used

baking soda
smashed banana

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The Clever Little Cupcake Company ...

Haven’t the foil cases got paper lining in them? The ones I use are lined and there is no after taste to them at all.

They are much better than paper cases as they keep the cakes moister.


Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn ...

I agree, my foil cups are lined with paper and are fabulous for a moist and perfect cupcake every time. I refuse to use paper cups anymore :) x

Steph @ PartyAnimalOnline ...

I have to agree I like the foil ones but haven’t found an after taste on either. x

June ...

That is strange. I also use paper lined foil for cupcakes. Never had any taste issues.

Topperscakes ...

Agree with all the above, never use paper ones due to peeling. When I had this problem it was because I wrongly had picked up salted butter and hadn’t noticed.