CakesDecor Theme: Hat Box & Gift Box Cakes

Hello everyone!! I have chosen hat box and gift box cakes for this week’s theme. You might not expect there to be too much variety for these types of cakes, but as you can see there most certainly is!! Whether they be hand painted, full of...

CakesDecor Theme: Book Cakes

Hi!! This week’s theme is book cakes, and I just can’t believe the realism of all the cakes that I’ve seen. Every single detail is perfect, and if you were to show these pictures to someone but didn’t tell them they were cakes then I highly...

CakesDecor Theme: Girl Figurines

Hi Everyone!! I am so happy to tell you that Michal has asked me to take on the new role of cake themes / wedding blog and the weekly brief!! I would firstly on behalf of all the CakeDecor members like to say a big thank you to Laura for...

Cute kawaii bunny

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Puppy tutorial

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Cute sheep tutorial

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Baby Sven from Frozen Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and share it with your friends have a great weekend ….

CakesDecor Theme: Cherry Blossom Cakes

Cherry blossoms, beautiful in nature and so so pretty on cakes! What’s not to love about a cake decorated in pink flowers? – They’re perfect for inspiring spring wedding designs, but can also be great for mothers day! If you have any Cherry...

Tutorial daisy duck fondant cake topper paperina pasta di zucchero torta decorata

Pinchio and friends Tutorial