Sugar Flowers #18: HYDRANGEA Flower in Gumpaste or Clay ( Cold Porcelain)
Hello everyone I hope you like my NEW TUTORIAL , another take on HYDRANGEA FLOWER, every sugar florist’s darling as a brilliant flexible filler or simply a fleur with perfect novel ‘stand alone’ potential.

The tutorial is in Clay in Gumpaste , QUESTIONS WELCOME, thanks for watching, subscribing and sharing!

Tags: gumpaste hydrangeas gumpaste hydrangea flower clay hydrangea clay flowers cold porcelain flowers cold porcelain flower

Christina Wallis

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Gâteau de Luciné ...

I love all your tutoriels. Thank you for sharring.

Elli Warren ...

They look beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! :-) x

MsGF ...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Rudi ...

Thank you again for sharing! I learn something new every week!

mysugarflowers ...

Really enjoy your tutorials i always
learn something from them
I work with sugar paste so I’m more
Interested in the tutorials for sugar paste.
Will look forward to seeing the next one
Thank you

Clara ...

I loved this one, Christina!!!

Floralilie ...

Just amazing!!! ♥♥♥