My second daughter, Alice, has just over a year and still does not know to speak well ... that's up, "titiioo, titiioo ...", looking at the sweets that would bite. Hence the decision to call my creations "Cakes Titiioo" ... My story begins a little 'by chance meeting with sugar paste (which occurred in 2012) it was like love at first sight that has shaped my passion for art, although my life had taken me to take very different paths so far, far away from "sugar art" (such as a degree in Political Science and 10 years of work as a sociologist and university professor) .
Commitment and passion soon joined a professionalism gained work experience in pastry and cake design. Today makes me very happy to realize pies and cakes sugar paste (but not only) that recall an English style, but the Italian taste. The possible combinations are endless and the space given to creativity is immense.
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Thank you so much!!!

Torte Titiioo

You have a new follower! Your George cake is great!



Torte Titiioo

CONGRATS on being named Decorator of the Week!! Love your work!!

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Well done on Cake Stunning of the week! Awesome talent

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

What a cute name! Nice to know the story behind it!:) I love your work!😍

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Congrats on being names Cake Decorator of the week; lovely cakes!!

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Nice Cakes, In fact I am following you. real beauty

Once Upon a Cake by Dorianne

Tiziana, grazie mille per il tuo commento sul mio profilo!

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Di nulla Marlene! 😀 sei davvero bravissima e originale

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Tiziana, i miei apprezzamenti per le tue torte sono tutte meritatissime!!!

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Le tue creazioni sono una favola!!! Ti seguo subito :)