Hi I am Rupal Regina Nunes, am from Mumbai, India. I stumbled upon baking around 2 yrs ago. I am passionate about baking French Macarons and love cake decorating. Orders came flowing in as word spread about my Macarons and I started a small venture from home called Macarons Meringues & More. Between my duties as a Mom and home I do not get much time but am hoping to keep pushing myself and pursue my passion. Am so glad to be a part of CakesDecor, seeing and learning from all the fabulous work here .
U can walk thru my work pg on fb here :
And on Instagram @ macaronsmeringuesnmore
Thanks :)x


I am a new follower! You have such a masterful eye for cake design!

Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)

hey Nancy, thanks for following . I am a home baker who has ventured into professional baking only since an year. your comment means a lot :)


A huge thanks to all the new followers to my work . Your likes , comments and follows mean a lot and are a source of inspiration and encouragement for me. Love you all xo


Thank you so much for the sweet comments, dear lady! Your cakes are magnificent and I am following you back.

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