The Garden Baker

Why do you have to use cream cheese frosting??
Why not use ganache or a stable buttercream?


I was planning on using a high humidity buttercream flavored with cream cheese flavored emulsion, but our local cake shop owner suggested I use a crusting cream cheese frosting instead. Just not sure that is wise…..

The Garden Baker

Try experimenting. Have fun :)

Julia Vasilieva

You can use ganache or merengue cream (I do not know exact name of merengue cream which consist of merengue and melted sugar at 120 degrees C). Also you can use refrigerator for delivery or just put some bags with ice around the cake box

Sandra Smiley

You had the right idea to begin with, use that most stable buttercream recipe you can fine and flavor it with Lorann Cream Cheese emulsion. You can also make a great mock cream cheese frosting using white balsamic vinegar.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I concur with Sandra Smiley. Use the best stable icing you can find. And either add Lorann cream cheese flavouring/ emulsion or white balsamic vinegar. I can tell you I have used Lorann cream cheese in icing, and everyone thought it was cream cheese icing. Now the Lorann cream cheese emulsion doesn’t smell the greatest in the bottle. But it really does taste like cream cheese.


Thanks everyone.

Winni Cakes

You can get the crusting cream cheese from Winni


One of these days I`m trying cream cheese powder in ABC.