Having developed my cake skills over 10 years, (creating cakes for family and friends), in June 2014 I set up the Peboryon cake studio and moved into designing and baking luxury cakes for private and corporate clients across the UK.

What I love about my job is the absolute privilege of stepping into people's stories at points of real joy and celebration! In the final analysis, it's all about relationships; who we love, why we care, and how we can best celebrate the good stuff of life at work and at home.

My husband (an amazing baker and master air-brusher), has also now joined the business. Together we work to design and produce unforgettable cakes that are uniquely tailored and utterly delicious.

We've had a fantastic start getting to know some amazingly talented people in the sugar world, and look forward to the journey ahead and all the creativity and learning it will bring. Thank you all for sharing your amazing work, and your encouragement along the way.

[Just in case you're curious, 'Peboryon' is a Cornish word that means 'baker'. If you want to say it, think of pebbles and Oreo cookies, and you're half-way there...Peb-ory-on...see? it wasn't that hard!]

You can also find Peboryon here:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mrspcakes
Twitter - @mrspeboryon
Web - peboryon.com