Hi, I am a self taught home baker and have only been making cakes for just over a year, I am totally hooked on cake decorating and have so much still to learn, so many ideas and such little time to do it all in. I started out making cakes for my 3 young children and slowly grown with confidence making cakes for friends and family and eventually with much surprise people started to contact me to make their cakes.

Please cone and visit me on facebook and if you like what you see please give me a 'like' and a 'share'

Would love some new cakey friends to share my passion with x



Hi Nicola, welcome here on Cakes Decor! Love your cakes, and also your introductions, really nice to meet you :-) Love from Spain, your new follower ;-) Lara xx

Lara - www.tartacadabra.es - www.facebook.com/Tartacadabra

Hi – I will be happy to share your cakey passion. Your cakes look fab x