Mmmm cakes and cupcakes


Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Apr 2014 1,443 Burnie Tasmania

My name is Vanessa Martin, I am 29 years old
married with 4 Daughter and 1 step son, aged 11,8,2, 9 months and 6years

I started decorating frequently in October 2013,
but before then I had made a handful of cakes for my childrens birthdays the previous year.

It all started when a friend on facebook asked if I could make her daughters birthday cake,
I was a little reluctant as my cakes were FAR from good,
but she insisted that she would be happy with anything and that her daughter loved Peppa Pig,

so then it begun,

with every cake I made and uploaded to my personal facebook, 1 or 2 more friends would ask me to make their next occasion cake,
After 10 or so cakes for others I Loved it so much, that I thought I may aswell start a little business out of it.


In the first 6 months of cake decorating, I had made over 100 cakes,
donated 6 cakes to local charity fundraisers and held over 8 giveaways on my facebook page.

-- Vanessa-Mmmm cakes and cupcakes


Allways Julez

Welcome to CakesDecor!… I think you will love it here… you are obviously hooked on decorating… just like the rest of us! LOL Julez xxx

Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Hi Julez,
Yes, I had a fellow cake decorator suggest Cake Décor to me, and its only been 4-5 hours since setting it up and I am already addicted :)

Thankyou for welcoming me, I think I will be right at home here ;)

Vanessa xxx

Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for the follow! I am now following you back. Love your work, your cakes are all beautiful. I’ve admired them from before as I also follow you on Facebook :)
Welcome to CakesDecor! xx
~ Mira

Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Hi Mira,
Thankyou :)
I do love your work and look forward to seeing more on here and facebook :)
Now I actually have to leave Cakes Décor so I can make some cakes haha.
although i’m finding it hard at the moment ;)

Sato Seran

Hi Vanessa,
Just seen your work and u make very beautifull cakes…i am also new here on CakesDecor although i have been making cakes for the last one year (as a home business) at 64yrs i dont see the need to open a shop…my passion is learning new things and baking.

Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Hi Sato, Yes I am just a at home baker, and as much as I would love to open a shop one day, I wouldn’t want to work away from my babies lol. I will follow you, cant wait to see some of your cakes :) x

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Vanessa thank you so much for following me..I’m now following you too…Enza xx

golosamente by linda

hello vanessa ;-)

Cakes! by Ying

Hi Vanessa, lovely cakes!


Hi, thanks for following hope I don’t disappoint, following you in return.


Hi Vanessa…thank you for the following <3, xx


Hi Vanessa, thank you for the follow, your cakes are very beautiful, now I following you too :) xxx

Sweet Bites by Ana

Hi Vanessa, your story is amazing! And your work is great. You got a new follower : ) Ana

Znique Creations

Hi Vanessa, so happy to find you here too xx New follower of your gorgeous work!

Dolci Fantasie di Anna Verde

Hi Vanessa!!! Thanks to the follow … Gladly return … Anna 😊