About me.....
Maria Teresa Perez " born between the cakes", I started working when I was very young making artistic cakes in our family bakery, from there I learned the basics of cake design. I have 25 years of experience as cake decorator, I'am part of the ECCELENCE TEAM OF CAKE DESIGN of The Italian federation of pastry,ice cream and chocolate; I have worked with some magazines like: Cake Design Magazine (Italy) & PrettyWittyCakes(UK).Currently, thanks to my big experience in the field of cake design I works as a freelance consultant for several industries, in the development of new products, as cake design teacher, do demonstrations at various shows and events at international level, organizes workshops with children and work with some renowned restaurants as wedding cakes decorator

I have won several competitions, the most important awards are:
Best cake for exhibition in the world (worldchampionshipof cakedesign Milan 2015)
Silver medal at the worldchampionshipof of cake design Milan 2015
GOLDEN MEDAL championship of cake design(Italy) 2014
SILVER MEDAL at The cake International Birminham (UK) 2014
2nd PLACE Winx Modellin competition, Milan (Italy) 2014
3rd Place Shoe Bakery Competition (worlwide) 2014
RUNNER UP Best people modelling competition(worlwide) 2014
GOLDEN MEDAL The cake show, Bologna (Italy) 2013
1st PLACE at Cakes by Oscar, Vicenza (Italy) 2013


Phenomenal work! I’m signing up to follow :)

Radhika, Singapore, http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/

Hi Mary,
I’m amazed that someone so talented is following my cakes :) Thank you!

Please do a tutorial sometime on how to make your princesses. I struggles with attaching the limbs- and yours seem so perfect!!!


Radhika, Singapore, http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/

Hi Radhika, thank you!!!!!! , about what do you say before I think be talented is not a good reason for not follow another persons ho are also talented , smart and kind ;)

Maria Teresa Perez, www.kidspartycakedesign.com

What a lovely thing to say! I am touched :)

Radhika, Singapore, http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/

OMG, your figurines are amazing, you are absolutely talented!!!

OH!!!! thanks !!!……and wellcome to my profile I realy happy to have you here :D

Maria Teresa Perez, www.kidspartycakedesign.com

Love your figures!! I would like to modelling like that, someday.

You have a new follower ;)

Kittyscuquis - http://kittyscuquis.wordpress.com/