My passion for desserts started long ago, but it was exclusive to family members. After a few large years living in different countries, I returned to one of the most beautiful corners of the world - the village of Cascais, from where I am now trying to expand this hobby into a small business.
I offer family, friends and anyone else who dares to try one my desserts an explosion of flavours - ranging from the traditional to fusion and contemporary. But by far, what I love the most is to create that perfect cake decorated to fit that occasion, that mood or that personality.


JT, thank you for following me back :)
Your cake journey is inspirational. Well done you for returning to the cake business with passion (even if after a few hurdles)!
Being a self-taught (attempting to be) cake designer myself, I know how difficult it is sometimes to have the confidence to go out there and try new things. The truth is that trial and error are actually the best course of action, as we learn from our mistakes. But, I am sure you’ll agree, that it is so gratifying to see that smile, that delight surprised look or the words that accompany each of the cakes we create. Wouldn’t change any of it…

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Thank you for the follow..returning it bake to your lovely work :)

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