Jul 2013 706 Italy


I love this trend of making a Sweater Cake so I thought to make it one for the last minute 🎄⁠ ⁠As lately I have not been very keen on buying moulds anymore, because they’re costly and I normally use them only a couple of times, I was...

Mrs Claus holding a plate with Cookies Cake Topper

Santa Claus Cake Topper is my most viewed video on my channel and people are loving it so much that I thought to make Mrs Claus too.⁠ 🤶🎄⁠ I hope you like my version of Mrs Claus and Happy Holiday to everyone 🥰⁠

Gold Diamond Christmas Cake - How to make a Diamond Pattern onto a Cake

The idea of the diamond effect it came to me when I saw a mould for an ice cream roll (you can see it in the video if you’re curious) and then I tried to make something similar without any mould so that whoever wants to do it, can do it as...

Cute Deer Cake Topper with a little bird on top 😊

Here it is another Christmas cake topper tutorial, I hope you like it. Fran

Frozen 2 Cake with Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Bruni too!!!

Love Frozen and I was looking forward to making Frozen again this year. Love all the characters and, at the and, I’ve chosen to make Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Bruni as well 😍

Cute Penguin Cake Topper

So excited that Christmas is coming next month, it’s my favourite holiday!!! And this year my first cake topper is a Penguin 🐧 I hope you like it 🥰

Cute Buttercream Cat Cake

Hi Everyone! I’ve made this cake for a Cat Lover, I hope you like it too. This is the link to the video tutorial that I’ve made as well: Have a nice day everyone Fran

Miraculous Ladybug Cake How To Step by Step Tutorial

Hi! This was the first time I’ve made a Face Cake like this, I know I can always improve but I was really happy with the way it looks. If you are curious and want to see how I’ve made it, here’s the link:

Bib, Baby Bottle, and Little Girl Baby Shoes with Flowers out of fondant

Hi Everyone, Little Baby Cake Toppers are the most requested from me, not sure why, but it is good as I guess it means that there are lots of children born every day!!! And I thought that I had to make a tutorial from it, maybe you get...

Sofa Cake with Cushions (NO EXTRA COOKING) and Blanket

Hi Everyone! For a friend of mine who loves spending her time on the couch watching tv, reading and almost everything 😂😂😂 Have a good Day! Fran