Hello My name is Tamara van der Maden -Ritskes and I live in Leimuiden (Netherlands)
I am happyly married en togheter we have 3 amazing children. When I get my doughter I would like to make here birthday cake for my self and so I went to an basic cake decoration workshop when my doughter was 8 months. Since that time I was addicted to baking and creating.
You can find me on the internet with the name Fantaartsie. ( www.fantaartsie.nl )


Hello My name is Tamara van der Maden Ritskes..

Fantaartsie, Tamara van der Maden-Ritskes

Thank you for the follow! I really like your cakes and am following you, too!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Hi Tamara, thank you for following me, I’ll also stick around, your creations are fantastic!

lovely cakes! thank you for the follow :)