satin ice

Halloween Toppers #1: Easy Ghost & Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers

For a fully detailed step by step tutorial on each of these, please visit my Facebook page at and I also want to edit my feature on the Satin Ice blog...

'Diamond Pick Axe' from Minecraft

I made my own template. Cut the shape. Cut out the shape. I used dark/chocolate Satin Ice fondant for these squares, slowly adding white Satin Ice fondant to lighten the colors. Don’t mind...

Making Teletubbies! :)

This is a VERY EASY & QUICK pictorial for anyone trying to learn how to make simple Teletubby characters. Trial and error is key here! All you’ll need is fondant, toothpicks, a small brush in...

How to make baby chicken.

Please click on the link below to open the pictorial on my page. I used Satin Ice fondant but you can use other edible mediums of your choice. These chicks aren’t my original idea so I don’t take...

'Steve' from Minecraft

Cut the body. Cut the sleeves. Cut the pants. Cut the shoes. Cut arms and a head. His face isn’t perfect but here he is with a few final touches.

How I made 'Steampunk Cinderella'.

This is the plaque that I made as a cake topper for the Steam Cakes Steampunk Collaboration this year. I covered a 10" cake board with Satin Ice fondant : I printed out in black and white a...

Thumper Rabbit cake topper tutorial

Thumper rabbit tutorial uploaded in our youtube channel. Click Link here: Hope you like it! x

Church gumpaste template

I used Satin Ice gumpast for the production. I cut each part according to the template and after hardening I joined it with food glue.