piping gel

Oriental String Work Pretty in Pink Cake

Completely decorated using royal icing techniques: Combining delicate oriental string work, brush embroidery and piping gel filigree takes this from nice to extraordinary!

How to make Piping Gel

I found this recipe on Facebook, which will allow you to make piping gel for pennies on the dollar! Piping gel Yields 1/2-cup Ingredients: • 1/4-cup cold water • 1/4-cup corn starch...

Working With Wafer Paper #1: How To Ruffle Wrap a Cake Using Wafer Paper, and How To Make A Wafer Paper Sailboat

This video demonstrates my Beach Party theme cake wrapped in a wafer paper fish pattern, and includes how to make a wafer paper sailboat 🚣‍♀️ 🏖 ☀️ 🐟 LINK TO VIDEO https://youtu.be/tYmQDm9Ekak

Princess & the Pea Cake #2: Princess & the Pea Cake Tutorial Video Six: Making the Canopy Feathers

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Here is video six of my Princess & the Pea cake tutorial series, Making the Canopy Fathers:...

How to make a stack of Pancakes out of Cake

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. So next Tuesday is pancake Day, and as pancakes are one of my favourite things to eat (apart from cake), I though it only fitting I show you how...

Bumble Bee Drip Cake Decorating Tutorial

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. For this weeks cake decorating tutorial week I will be using the cute ‘Oh Honey Bee’ element set from Sweetstamp to create this honey bee...

How to make a Whale cake

Start with baking a normal cake. When its cooled off, begin cutting: on the front i cut out a bar for the mouth , de middle has to be a bit of round en the end walks off to the bottom. Then...

How to make a quick jungle cake!

In this tutorial you will learn how to model a zebra and hippo! I hope you like it! Please have a look at my website if you enjoyed this! :D

How to make a realistic water effect on cakes or cupcakes

“Water Effect Video link”https://youtu.be/EYW0ed6HzcI