Crochet Baby Uggs Tutorial

For those who are interested I made a how-to of my crochet baby uggs. You can also find this tutorial on my facebook page

The uggs:

The template (the sole is 5,5 cm/2.2 inches):

The materials:

Cut the sole from a slice of fondant mixed with tylose of about 0.2 inch/0,5 cm thick, 2 times.. Turn for the second sole the template to so that you have a right and left sole:

Make a fondant ball + tylose of 15 grams and form the nose of the shoe. I have also used the template of the sole for the right shape and size. Turn the template and create a second nose:

Glue this to the sole with edible glue:

Do the same with the heel. In this case I used 9 grams of fondant + tylose:

Cut the sole from a slice of fondant that is modified with the crochet mould. Keep a margin of 0.2 inch around the sole. Make a left and right side:

Glue this to the sole with edible glue:

Now cut the “fabric” from a slice of fondant which again is modified with the crochet mould. To do this, use the v-shaped template:

It should look like this:

Now make a mould of kitchen paper and aluminum foil, 2 times:

This mold is about 2 inches/5 cm high by 0.8/2 cm inches wide and 1.2/3 cm inches long:

Now glue the “fabric” to the nose, place the mould in the shoe and glue the rest of the “fabric” on the shoe. Cut off the excess fondant at the back:

Now they look like this:

Modify a slice of fondant + tylose with the crochet mould, fold it in half. Do this 2 times:

And glue this to the shoe, tightly around the mold. Now let it dry. Tomorrow the mould can be removed and a button placed on the shoe. That’s it =D

If you would like to know where to purchase the crochet mould you can send me a pm.


They are adorable. Tx for sharing the tutorial!

thanks you Tamara for sharing, big hug from my

This is amazing!

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

These boots are just absolutely adorable. Could you please tell me where you purchased the textured mould?

Mary, Portland, ME

So cute, hi, ik ben nederlandse maar woon in Vanuatu (far far away), kun je me vertellen waar ik de crochet mat kan kopen.

Al vast bedankt

I love, love, love these. Really great job! And, a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing. Did you make your own mould or did you purchase it somewhere. I cannot seem to locate one online, so I thought that maybe you made your own. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!