Colouring #4: Homemade purple colour for wafer paper

Hi all!
Some days ago I made pasta with red cabbage…
Delicious, but you wouldn’t care about this, lol.
As the colour of pasta turned a beautiful shade of purple colour,
I thought to make my homemade, natural, edible and vibrant
purple colour, perfect for wafer paper coloring.
Just see the pics below and have fun.
Thanks for watching!

You will need:
white wafer paper sheet
washed and dried red cabbage leaf
unsalted butter or similar
kitchen towel
chopping board
mortar (actually I haven’t one… Lol)

Chop and crush the red cabbage leaf;

Add a small piece of butter to the cabbage and mix together;

Dip a piece of kitchen towel into the mixture and rub down the wafer paper;

You want to make a rose, so you have to cut out from wafer paper some small, medium and large petals, plus one little strip for the center.
Curl the strip with a toothpick.
Curl one side of each petals.
Cut the base of each petals (till 1/3 height) and overlap the ends you just got.

Add the petals to the center with a lightly wet brush;

I never thought I could make my own colour.
I think this shade of purple is simply gorgeous and
I’m sure you can make a better flower than mine!

-- Clara

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Sandra Smiley

This is stunning, Clara! I would ever have thought of such a thing! No, I cannot make a better flower than yours. I would not be able to roll the wafer paper at all without it breaking.


Thank you Sandra! Actually I was inspired by your beautiful purple sugar roses.
I love you, SOMH ❤️

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Unique idea. I have used canned beet juice to colour coffee filter paper. Just brushed on and let paper dry. Re-apply for darker shade. The juice from frozen cherries works well too…or blueberries. Fun to use natural resources and ingredients..


Perfect work Clara😘❤️😍

Gâteau de Luciné

This is really so beautiful, unique idea. You are so talented dear Clara ❤✌


Very creative!

MOLI Cakes

Fantastic !!! Great idea !


Perfect idea, perfect color! ♥


Brilliant ❤

Asya Vencheva

Perfect idea,Clara!❤

Framona cakes ( Cakes by Monika)

Perfect idea Clara!



My Sweet World_Elena

So unique and perfect idea, Clara. The truth is that the color is fantastic and your rose is gorgeous!!!



Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

Sei troppo forte Clara! e vai!