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CakesDecor Theme: Beautiful Butterflies

Hi everyone!

This weeks theme is all about ‘Beautiful Butterflies.’ I didn’t realise just how many have been posted on CakesDecor – so many gorgeous designs and stunning creations!!
Congratulations to all the members who have been featured, I have to say they were truly beautiful!

If your Butterfly cake isn’t here, please just let me know and I will gladly add it for you or you can just add it below, thank you!

Elli :-) x

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Dmytrii Puga

Incredible collection Elli!

Olina Wolfs

So beautifull collection 😍 awesome!

Olivera Vlah

So Beautiful

Fifi's Cakes

What a lovely theme, perfect for spring. thank you for putting this beautiful album together. xxx ♥


Amazing collection Elli! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Framona cakes ( Cakes by Monika)

So beautifull collection ! Thank you :)


A very beautiful collection xxx

Sweet Dreams by Heba

wwoowww so many beautiful ones and different techniques! :) x



Calli Creations

What a beautiful album, butterflies add such a wonderfous dimension to a cake, these are all so beautful, congratulations to all.
Thank you Elli for adding three of mine, I’m totally honoured to be included 💕

Benny's cakes

Beautiful collection.💕


They are all so beautiful.

golosamente by linda

So beautiful collection 😍😍

Sandra Smiley

Butterflies add a touch of whimsy and grace to a cake and this is a beautiful collection! Thanks, Elli!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

What a wonderful collection..from whimsy to beautiful..