How to make a seafloor cake board.

Hi all, my lovely friends!
You probably already know I’m not often online these days (see forum on my profile) and not even have a lot of time to cake…
But I was asked to make a cruise cake for a birthday next week (I’ll post the photos!) and a Finding Nemo/Dory cake, for a birthday next April, and I couldn’t resist, I HAD to say YES!!!
By the way, I’m taking it easy and making just a few things a day.
This is the seafloor I made for the Finding Nemo cake.
Have a great week you all! ❤️

p.s. my grandchild, due next June , is a GIRL ❤️

Cut out four pieces from a styrofoam sheet. You want to get a sort of seafloor shapes.

Seal the edges of each piece with some scotch tape, to avoid crumbling.

Overlap all the pieces, from the largest (check out this one is the right size for cake packaging) to the smallest and lock them with a few toothpicks.

Brush the whole structure with a little sugar glue and coate it with fondant.

Shape some small snakes out of fondant and lay them down onto the fondant, to get the ripples of the sand.

Coate the fondant with some sugar glue and sprinkle the whole surface (except the top area, where the cake will take place onto) with some oatmeal, previously grinded.

Mix some oatmeal to blue powder food coloring and add it here and there.

Paint the edges of the seafloor, shading some blue and light-blue color powder.

Add some blue color powder here and there and spray a little food alcohol onto it, to spread the color without wetting the oatmeal.

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Dmytrii Puga ...

Very nice job Clara!

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Looks great!!

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Awesome Clara 😀👍

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Thank you all ❤️

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Looks amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing

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Impresionante Clara!!! Muchas gracias por compartir… 💋💋❤️❤️

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That’s very cool :)

Sandra Smiley ...

This is beautiful, Clara and so clever! Thanks for sharing the “how to” pics. I am so excited that your new baby is a girl! XOXO

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Grazieee Clara!!!! Fantastica idea!! Felicissima per la bella notizia!!!💖💖💖💖💖

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Fantastic idea. Clara !

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Brilliant idea Clara! Thanks for sharing ❤

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That looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Looks fabulous Clara!! Brilliant tutorial! Thank you for sharing! :-) x