Sugar Flowers #15: Maggie Austin's Copycat Rose Tutorial
This is my attempt at making the beautiful and unique Maggie Austin’s Rose. She has very generously given me permission to make this tutorial.

Christina Wallis


Beautiful, thank you Christine x

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Lovely thank you for the share. That book is now on my Christmas prezzie list!!

Penny Bakes

Maggie Austin is such a remarkable elegant lady, talented, kind and generous. I adore her and her unique style. I have her beautful book which was given to me as a gift, lucky me.
Love what you’ve done Christina! Lovely tutorial. I’m sure Maggie loved it too x

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Thank for sharing!!!!

Maira Liboa cakes

Thank you ladies. I’m not sure if she loved it, but I did send her the link , in case she hated it , so then I’d not put it up, bus she didn’t say anything , so at least I know she didn’t seem to mind! Seeing that she has a book out teaching roses, and a good book at that, she could have said ‘no’ when I first asked her, but she said ‘go ahead’ , so credit to her. I think it’s hard not to be a fan of her work.

Christina Wallis

Gorgeous, Christina!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful tutorial 💖


Amazing!!! Thank you so much, Christina!!! ♥♥♥

Floralilie Sugar Art

Thank you for sharing, Christina!


Thank you everyone for your encouragement and always bothering to leave a comment !

Christina Wallis