Colouring #2: How to quickly and easily color wafer paper - stone effect

You will need: 1 wafer paper sheet, white color powder, black color powder, food alcohol, pearlescent color food powder (sorry, it’s not in the photo), a small piece of sponge, a cotton swab, black stamens, a wire, paintbrushes, scissors, petals mold.

Mix some black color powder and some alcohol:

Dip the cotton swab into the mixture and color the wafer paper sheet (see the video)

Mix together some white color powder and some alcohol and shade again (see the video):

Cut the petals. I used paper homemade molds: 8 large and 3 small size:

Shape your petals, as in the pic below:

Set the stamens as in the following pics:

Wrap the bottom of the stamens with a wafer paper small strip , to easily paste them to the centre of the flower (pic n.30)

Cut the bottom of each petal, 1/3 of the length, as in the following pic:

Using a wet paintbrush, pass some water on the cut edges of the petals and paste overlapping them (one petal at a time)

Set your petals to compose the flower, as in the following pics:

Hole the flower with an end of a wire. Be carefull not to make a too large hole!

Color the edges of each petal with white color food powder mixed with some alcohol:

Insert the stamens in the centre of the flower:

Dust the whole creation with some pearlescent color food powder, to brighten it a bit more.
That’s it! Yours is a wonderful creation! Take some pics in the sunshine and be thrilled with your work!!
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Thank you for sharing! Love this technique!

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Fabulous technique Clara! !, love the effect. Thank you for sharing! !

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Super tutorial Clara! thanks for sharing!

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