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3D Animal Cakes Awards #1: Announcement

Hey all our talented cake decorators. Fall is here and it’s time for the Awards. This time we decided to choose a theme that is little bit more difficult, but the results are always amazing. Feel free to submit a cake for a chance to win ;)

Theme: 3D Animal Cakes

They are cute and many of us love them so much that we want to see them as a cake. Yes, we’re talking about our pets and animals. Submit your 3D Animal Cake for a chance to win great prizes!

Click here to visit the Awards pages.


  • $200 Cash Prize
  • CakesDecor Apron


  • $50 Cash Prize
  • CakesDecor Apron

One Winner (random draw)

  • CakesDecor Apron

Entry ends on October 24, 2016 at 6 PM GMT.

Please help us Spread the Word by clicking on your favorite social networking button on the Awards page.

Click here to visit the Awards pages.

Good luck and have fun!

-- -- Michal, http://cakesdecor.com | My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michal.bulla

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Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Love this theme! :)

The Cake Artist Mk

Hi there , Can we from the UK enter ?

Cake Pirate

Oh wonderful I love 3D cakes <3


Ditto Ruth’s comment – would love to enter but live in the UK – is this ok ??

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Can we enter if we live in South Africa?
Does it have to be a new cake, or one we have already done?

Berna García / Ilusiona Cakes

So funny! <3

Michal Bulla

Hey all, anyone can enter..no matter if you are from South Pole or South Africa ;)

You can submit older cake or a new cake as well.

Sandra Smiley

This will be the cutest collection of all!

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Yay!!! :D

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I can’t wait to see all of the amazing creations!

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Hey Michal – could you do me a personal favour and fix the spelling on the competition description…?
“…share it to win great prices!”

Michal Bulla

Oh, thanks for pointing that out Angel, I’ve fixed it ;)

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

LOL! Ta Michal! :D