Introducing my Nundu from the Fantastic Beasts of Birthday Mischief collaboration.

Study/Beast: Nundu (nuh-n-doo) Large leopard like beast found in East Africa Name: ’Smelly Cat’

Notable Behaviors: An aggressive beast. He emits a terrible toxic gas through vents in his mouth. This gas seems to be lethal to any other creature or plant in a 1km radius. As we have found out the hard way.

Feeding notes: Carnivore. Prefers large mammals but also consumes gaseous bad-breath inducing foods such as beans, prunes, garlic and small children.

Injuries sustained by Caretaker and aide taken: Headaches and occasional fainting. Found nose plugs and swimming goggles help.

Injuries sustained by Study/Beast and aide taken: None to date. But seems to occasionally suffer indigestion.

Has study been released if you took it captive? If yes, where?: After several attempts we are still unable to contain the beast for further trials.