Gift of a Wedding Uk Charity - One job well worth doing.

Hi Cake friends xx
Recently I was honoured to be asked if I’d help to make a dream Wedding come true for a couple in my post code area – one of whom is terminally ill.
When the e-mail first came through from the Charity ‘Gift of a Wedding’ I’m ashamed to say I have to admit I nearly deleted it thinking it might be a scam.
But thankfully something in me trusted the subject title enough to open the mail and take 5mins to read what it was all about.
A couple in my area were getting married on Friday and the Charity was contacting local ‘Wedding businesses’ to ask if they would be willing to gift their services to help make the couples wedding a beautiful day.
To be eligible to receive help from the Charity you have to meet criteria which if you take a few minutes to read like I did you will understand makes this very worth while.

Anyway – I was asked if I could gift 50 vanilla cupcakes, or anything I felt I could do.
That’s not a big wish to ask, and cost to me is nothing when measured with the amount of pride I have knowing I’ve helped with many others to give this couple a day to remember for however long they have left.
I’ve never met them, and I probably never will, but I know I can sleep better knowing I didn’t delete the mail that day.
So if any of
you are ever contacted by this Charity, please don’t delete, they don’t ask for the earth, just kindness.
A link for Gift of a Wedding – a UK based Charity that has no outside funding is linked below.
Here’s a photo of the cupcakes I made – ( I also made some favours which I hung on a Wishing tree). Another local business was providing the Wedding cake.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog – Karen xxxxx

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

What an amazing charity! How wonderful that you could add something special to this couple’s wedding!

Calli Creations ...

Thank you so much for sharing this touching story Karen, and its always so lovely to do something special and make a difference. your so lovely and what a lovely thing to do.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Thanks for posting Karen. Wish we had something like this in Canada. We have Icing Smiles for ill children. But nothing for adults.

Elli Warren ...

Karen you are so lovely and kind!! The cupcakes and tree look beautiful!!! :-) xx

CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

What an amazingly kind thing to do!! I am sure they were really appreciated by the bride and groom! Lovely initiative!

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you everyone, it really was nothing compared to the bigger picture.
This Charity is very special and so worthwhile, many Weddings are planned in a matter of days with little or no money behind the couples and time very limited. Sometimes they only just get it together in time. Recently one recipient died only 2 days after the wedding. But I’m sure being able to get married before time ran out meant so much to both of them and the memory will live on long after for all who shared their day.
So many people today just take and never give.
Setting up at the venue with the other contributors pitching in made me realise just what a wonderful thing a human being can be when we follow our hearts and not our egos xx

Mr Baker's Cakes ...

What a wonderful charity and a beautiful thing to be able to do for someone facing such tragedy. Well done you… x

Zoe White ...

How wonderful!

Tiers Of Happiness ...

This is so heart-warming, you have definitely made a difference and made the day that much more special for the couple. They must have been over the moon! x

Karen's Kakery ...

It was only a small part to play, they also had the Wedding cake gifted, as well and there was a lady who brought along a decorative post box for guests to put their best wishes in so they could be read out later. Everyone chipped in together and I heard from the Chef at the venue that the couple loved what everyone had done for them. That’s payment enough xx

giftofawedding ...

Hi Karen, I had to post a comment to say thank you again for the gorgeous cupcakes and wedding cookies you did. The bride and groom loved them and wished me to pass on their thanks.
We are so glad you did not delete our email as you and all the suppliers who help us to create this beautiful Leicestershire wedding made sure this bride who has incurable cancer had one of the best days of her life. Feel proud that you helped us to fulfill a dream and create some wonderful memories for the couple, their friends and family.
Further to offering us your baking skills you have now been kind enough to spread the word to others, I would like to thanks you from the bottom of my heart, for this further kind gesture, your an absolute star! – Love Patricia Harrison, Founder at Gift of a Wedding

Karen's Kakery ...

Aww thank you Patricia, I didn’t expect you to contact me via this media but I’m so glad you did. It wan an honour and I’m so happy to have been part of such a special day xx I’m hoping there will be lots of shares so your Charity gets as much exposure as possible. Thanks again Karen xx