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CakesDecor Theme: Food Cakes

This week I am showcasing “Food Theme Cakes”, another demonstration of great techniques and particular skills to create these stunning cakes.

The realism of these cakes is truly astonishing, I wouldn’t know where to start!!
In addition to great modelling, the clever use of colour and shading has been used to replicate particular foods.

Once again congratulations to the amazingly talented cake artists here on CakesDecor!!

Elli :-) x

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Cakes by Sian

All so realistic! Brilliant cakes! x x


Mmmmmmm yummy!!! Now I’m very hungry! 😋😋😋😋

Amazing food cakes!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Amazingly Cool Cakes!!

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

wonderful….. my tummy is rumbling now, I think I need to go and eat some food. I would love to eat that Marsbar :) xx

Helen Campbell


SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Amazing cakes!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I find cakes that look like other food so fascinating! Thank you Elli for coming up with another great theme to share with us!


Awesome Elli, great collection! thanks!

Gilles Leblanc

Amazing, so much great talent.

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Amazing!!!! Thank you so much Elli!!!! xxx

Karen's Kakery

All fantastic Elli!!
And now I’m really hungry after looking at all of this food xx

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

ELLI I LOVE YOU FOR INCLUDING MY CAKE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH….I don’t write in caps but again i thank you for this…its so appreciated it so so much thank you

Calli Creations

Making realistic food from sweet food sources has always been an appeal of mine. Great collection here Eli and thanks so much for adding two of mine. Thrilled to be a part of the talented group 😘😘

Sweet Foxylicious

Fantastic cakes! Thanks for including my hogs head! Xxx

Little Apple Cakes

That is some yummy food, thank you for including me Elli <3