My First Unsatisfied Customer... Kinda hurt my feelings just abit...

So I had booked this order flavors price everything was confirmed as time went by before this babyshower she must of changed her mind on decor flavors so many times & also a day before the order she asked me how much more for a bigger cake after I had boughten everything for the cake and size we agreed on & freaked out on the price I gave her for an all fondant cake hmm thought only $200 for a 3 tier fondant cake and 2 dozen cupcakes was overly priced. So I went by what she gave me and color. I did the cake with the color and theme she wanted. I spent a couple hours on it and finally done I thought it looked good dent her a pic and in the morning I get a text with MY SISTER IS NOT VERY HAPPY WITH THIS CAKE THE BOW IS NOT BIG ENOUGH YOUR PICTURE WAS BLURRY AND WHY ARE THE GIRAFFES NOT STANDING ON THERE OWN.. mind you my camera phone sucks and I am due for my upgrade in Oct I was in shock I have not had any complaints on my stuff BUT I know this is all part of baking not everyone will love you stuff BUT I guess it bugged me because I spent alot of time on it and thought it loked ok. I waived the delivery fee and remaining balance she owed me since she was not satisfied.. Kind of ruined my day but I know I have alot of other customers that love my work this was just one I will not deal with again..

I will post the cake and you can tell me your honest opinions…



Becky Pendergraft

Pris, I took a look at your cake and truly think it’s lovely! Don’t lose heart – there are just some people that you’re not going to be able to please no matter what you do!! I actually had a “difficult” (to put it nicely) customer this weekend – she sent me a photo of her daughter’s invitation, and shirt she’d be wearing for the party to use as inspiration and plainly told me to “Do what I pleased” with the cake design. So, I matched the cake to the invitation colors of yellow and pink and used buttercream as she wished. Had a feeling I was dealing with one of “those” kind of moms when she kept telling me over and over, “I’m a perfectionist!” So, sure enough – delivered the cake and she makes a face and says, “I’m waiting on that yellow to grow on me. I should’ve been more specific, the party is actually for two characters, not just the one. How exactly am I supposed to get X number of servings from this little cake? I told you I was a perfectionist!” Then she just stood there like she was waiting for me to apologize or offer a discount (which I did neither, by the way). I did my best with what direction I was given and provided a very nice cake for her daughter’s birthday. Honestly, I’m just happy in the knowledge that I shouldn’t have to deal with said mom ever again! ;) Keep your chin up!


Thank you Becky!! I think I did my best as well. Some people just think its so easy to create a cake and waalaa here you go but alot of patience & work to create something you think is great & just crossing your fingers they love it as well.. All I will say I will not deal with this individual again.. Your right you did your best & from the looks of your cakes your great at what you do!!! We cake people need to stick together!! :o) Thanks again for making me feel good greatly appreciated!!


I’ve looked at both of your cakes (well ButRCream have looked at your latest cakes on the blog and if its either of those the customer should be delighted) and think they are really lovely. There are definitely some people that you will never be able to please and in truth its usually the ones that you go well and beyond for. It must be very disheartening as I can see the work and love that went into your cakes

Farida Hagi

Once you are in the business for a while you get to learn about the ‘discount hunters’ they are people that want to try and get there cake for free or discounted. I know it’s hard but don’t take it to heart there are some nasty people out there!! I think the cake looks good. We are now at the point that when we think someone is fisihing for a discount we say that’s fine leave the cake we will give you a refund! This happened recently and the person wasn’t very smart took the cake and paid the balance and later on posted a picture on facebook saying ‘most amazing cake ever’, that amazing that she didn’t want to pay hmmm!!


I am starting to realize that now!! No more discounts if they are unhappy, because dang it we put our all in what we make :o) thanks everyone :o)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

It is too bad you waived the delivery fee & balance. You worked hard, your cake looked wonderful and you deserved every penny. I had a similar experience. Customer sent me a picture for a baby shower cake. Cake was covered in pink buttercream., but they weren’t sure if it was a boy or girl, so she wasn’t sure about the pink colour. She also didn’t want buttercream. So I suggested white fondant and yellow accents. Which she agreed to. Then she complains to my sis-in-law she is disappointed. She was expecting PINK buttercream… like the picture she sent me? … Dah…. that’s not what you agreed to. This is where writing everything down saves the day. Either by written contract or emails. Think she was looking for $$$ back. No way. I sent the email to my sis-in-law about what SHE agreed to. Case closed.
Actually, she emailed me admitted there was some error on her part and that the cake was lovely. Said also she would use me again. Don’t think she will. Think she was just being polite. No skin off my nose. You cannot please everyone. Even if you do what they ask. Those are the types you don’t cake for again. My advice is to always have everything in writing. Then there can be no dispute. Try not to let this experience upset you. Just one bad apple in a bushel of good ones. Like you said, you have lots of customers who appreciate you. :o)


I can understand i had a customer like that, she drove me crazy til the last day. I was having to send her test every step of the way but it turned out beautiful. It was a 5 cake display of 4 cakes on the bottom and one in the center of all four cakes. First birthday elmo with a rc elmo on top holding a birthday cake. The concept of the cake is cute just a few little things i would have changed to make it look more polished like finishing the border on the bottom, sticking tooth pics in the animals so they are standing upright and making the tiers a little taller.