Debs Makes Cakes


Debs Makes Cakes

Sep 2014 31 Surrey, UK

Hi. My name is Debs and I like to make cakes look pretty. I have always played around in the kitchen and it’s only recently, in the last 2 or so years, that I’ve found my way to sugar craft. I love to look at cakes, and eat them too. I've recently opened my own cake studio. See more at

-- x debs


Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Hi Debs
Thanks so much for the follow. I absolutely love your CI cake, worth a gold in my opinion. I am getting married next year and making my own cake, will certainly be looking at this for inspiration. Love Roo xx

Debs Makes Cakes

Thanks Roo! I made a silly mistake so it wasn’t really worthy of gold – competitions are a totally different beast to regular cake decorating. Good luck with making your own cake – just give yourself plenty of time to do the cake AND enjoy being totally spoiled on the day. xd

il mondo di ielle

Hi Debs! Fantastic creations! Love your work!

Debs Makes Cakes

Thank you! Your work is incredible too – I really admire your modelling skills.