You are so kind, RB! Thank you!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Stunning work like always, dear Sandra!!! <3

-- SweetUs

Will she laugh if I tickle her?

Another fantastic one there, Sandra!

I’d wear those earrings!!


-- Katya


-- RadmilaB

Fantastic work 😍♥️😘

-- AndyCake

Fantastic work!❤

-- Mis dulces tentaciones

I Love her so so much, Amazing!

-- Jens bakey cakey


-- Urvi's Creamy Creations

Wow ,gorgeous

-- Gâteau cake designs by wafaa

Extraordinary extremely beautiful xxx

-- JEtaarten-Puur genieten

Mesmerizing eyes!
This piece is wonderful and beyond, my dear Sandra!!!
The lace is a work of art!

-- Clara

Thank you all so much, dear friends! Be safe, all. Hugs!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

you’re a great sculptor.

Amazing and gorgeous! Spectacular and stunning!

-- The Garden Baker

Amazing, and very clever

-- Penny Bakes

So beautiful

-- Darina

Fabulous work as always x 😘

-- Thetastymuffinmaker

Such a fantastic cake! Work of art!!

Thank you for all of your kind words!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wow, Sandra, fantastic work!


-- Benny's cakes

Thank you for your kind words, Evelin, Bezana and Benny!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Spectacular, love it!

-- Bobbie Bakes

Thank you kindly, Bobbie!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks Felis!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wow! Your modelling skills are just brilliant! x

Thanks for your sweet words, Kaliss and Karen!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Fantastic work! She’s so beautiful ❤

-- Olina's taarten

Thank you, sweet ladies, Olina and Inoka!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Love it! Looks awesome!

-- Konstantina

Wow!! Amazing

-- Maira Liboa cakes

Thank you so much, Konstantina, Maira and Katarzynka!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks so much, Romy!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley