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La Lavande Sugar Florist

Jan 2013 469 Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom

Welcome to LaLavande Sugar Florist - Christine Craig is a sugar flower artist and the owner of LaLavande Sugar Florist. Christine's lives in the United Kingdom where she loves creating art from sugar that imitates real life. Her work can be viewed on Facebook and very soon her website She has recently started a Youtube Channel where tutorials of her sugar art are featured, we hope you'll subscribe and enjoy learning this remarkable craft. Here is a link;

-- Christine from


SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Wow Christine, I noticed you cos im Christine as well. Ive just been looking at your flowers and theyre amazing! They look real. I have never had a proper go at making sugar flowers myself but I would love to try, so ill be looking at yours for inspiration. I tend to make more 3d style cartoony cakes. Ive added you to my following list and cant wait to see more flowers! xx

La Lavande Sugar Florist

Thanks so so much!

Cecile Crabot

Your flowers are just perfect!! It will be a pleasure to follow you Christine!!

Bistra Dean

Cristine you are such a talented lade !!!

Alex Narramore (The Mischief Maker)

Your flowers are beautiful!


Just popped over to say how incredibly wonderful your roses are … just amazing!

La Lavande Sugar Florist

Thank you so much! I’m really grateful for everyone’s lovely words. Xxxx

Sweet and Swanky Cakes ~ Sonja McLean

Whoo hoo dear Christine, I’m officially stocking you and finding you, BWAHHAHAHA! xoxo


I am an avid follower on facebook and now here too! I absolutely love everything you do!!!!

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Happy to find you here Christine. You are always so generous in sharing your knowledge of sugar flowers.

Cupcake Wench

Hi Christine. I came across your work recently and I wanted to say that I am simply amazed by your beautiful flowers. You have a remarkable talent.

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

I just caught a glimpse on FB of your latest wedding cake and died when I saw those glorious roses. You are amazing. New follow from me here x