Italian Cake Decorator, member of Excellent Italian Cake Designer Book of FIP ( Italian Federation of Pastry Chefs and cake Designers).
Modelling Teacher


Just wanted to drop by to say Welcome to CakesDecor and to tell you that I have not seen more amazing cakes in one day by one cake decorator! Amazing cakes!!

Dina @ miettes,

Dina! Thank you so much….you’re so kind. Thanks for appreciating my works!

Christian Giardina, Cake Artist

You’re way beyond amazing! Your sculpting is spot on, and your the characters that you do all have dynamics and movement and grace! Have i mentioned your amazing?!!:)

Jackie, Singapore

Jackie, thank you so much….Really appreciated your words…just try to do my best, everytime.
Thanks for your support! A big hug from Italy!

Christian Giardina, Cake Artist

What amazing cakes ! I am in awe xx

Lisa Salerno Bespoke Cakes

Welcome to CakesDecor. All your cakes are amazing and your figurines look like they’ve just stepped out of a Disney movie! :)

Love love love all your creations!

Enchanting Merchant Co

Hi Christian, I just find out here in cakes décor and I am speechless with your cakes, absolutely amazing. Congratulations!!

Eva Salazar

Thank you so much, Makememycake! You’re so kind!

Christian Giardina, Cake Artist