May 2016 425 Switzerland

Baking has not just been a hobby but also a passion for many years. I am a self taught home baker and have been baking cakes and other baked goods for the past 7 years for just family and its only very recently that I started baking and cake decorating professionally. It has been a long journey since I baked a Car cake for my son on his 3rd Birthday. Since then I've been fortunate enough to work on many of his favourite themes and bake for friends on many occasions: Birthday's, Baby shower, Christmas.

Friends and family have been constantly suggesting and encouraging me to up my hobby to the next level and since baking is the best therapy I know, 'Cake Thérapie' a home venture takes form. Sharing with all of you, my 2 year cake journey which I started in 2014 and hoping to continue further:)

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