Metallic Cakes

Silver cake - Cake by Judit
Chocolate cake with raspberries and metallic finish  - Cake by Tassik
Golden 40th Birthday cake - Cake by Kasserina Cakes
GAME OF THRONES CAKE - Cake by Lilissweets
Royal Amur - Cake by Upi
Caker Buddies Metallic Collaboration-Majestic  - Cake by Cakemantra By Mona
Caker Buddies collaboration-Oh so metallic  - Cake by SugarLove at Bubzy's Bakehouse
Bejeweled Sheen Beauty by Vandana Jain - Cake by Cakesapphire
Cakerbuddies metallics collab The Night Sky  - Cake by BakerOnToes
Caker Buddies Metallics Theme Collaboration - Owl of Athena - Cake by GorgeousCakesBLR
Magnolia - Cake by Katarzynka
Chocolate and Gold Drip Cake - Cake by Nevia D. Giles - Platinum Cake Designs
5ft Unicorn Cake! - Cake by Sugar Street Studios by Zoe Burmester
Metallica - Steam Cakes - Steampunk Collaboration  - Cake by Emma Stewart
Purple Wedding Cake - Cake by Rococo Cakes
Pastel marble wedding cake - Cake by Mandy