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Zuhair Murad Inspired Collaboration

Hello :) My Zuhair Murad inspired piece is dressed in dragees, diamond, oval and round sequins individually placed and painted silver and palest metallic blue. I chose this design as I was drawn to the sleek, glamorous, sophisticated, industrial shimmer. Hope you like it! xx

Special thanks to Gulnaz Mitchell of Heavenlycakes4you by Gulnaz Mitchell who headed this fabulous collab and what an honour it was to have worked with these incredible artists. Thanks to Melanie Underwood of Cake Craft and Decoration.

-- Tanya,

Just a gorgeous…gorgeous cake…amazing!!

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Aww June you’re sweet!! Thanks for all of your amazing support!! xoxoxo

-- Tanya,

You so captured this dress in all of its glory, one of my absolute faves – well done xx

One of my faves of the collab. Gorgeous!

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Breathtaking… Still picking my jaw off the floor. Incredible design and perfectly interpreted
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This cake is absolutely sublime! You have captured the essence of his magnificent gown and transformed it into a piece of art that is stunning beyond words! Congratulations on your amazing contribution to a stunning collaboration!


This is absolute show stopper, Tanya! One of the best fashion inspired cakes EVER! The close up photos show how much labor/work of love put into this piece. Just amazing! You never stop surprising me with your incredible talent!

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

Incredible, love it so much <3

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Brilliant piece!

-- Anka

Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

-- Sugar Coated by Nehha

I love the texture and the design.. adore this cake – one of my new favorites of yours Tanya <3

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