Steampunk weeding cake "sea dream" Steam-Cakes Steampunk collaboration 2018  - Cake by carolina Wachter
Marble wedding cake - Cake by Zaklina
Fault line cake - Cake by alenascakes
Baroque Love  - Cake by claudiamarcel
Cake "Grazioso" - Cake by Leyda Vakarelov
Baroque - Cake by Studio53
Life is better with true friends! - Cake by The Cookie Lab  by Marta Torres
Gingerbread House  - Cake by carolina Wachter
Cookies around the world - Cake by Evelindecora
Christening cake - Cake by Dimi's sweet art
Vintage wedding cake.. - Cake by Lorna
Wedding flowers cake - Cake by Zaklina
CPC Princess Diana Collaboration - Cake by Sweet Surprizes
Asian Wedding Dream - Cake by José Pablo Vega
Wedding cookies set - Cake by Dragana
For baby boy - Cake by Frufi
Golden Wedding Anniversary - Cake by Sweet Surprizes
Bridal dress cake - Cake by Caramel Doha
Elegant wedding cake - Cake by Zaklina
Autumn visions - Cake by Chrisi Murat - Art and the sugar
A Bee themed 50 Birthday  - Cake by Sweet Surprizes
Birthday rose cake - Cake by SojkineTorty
Dawn to dusk  - Cake by chocolade