Red Ruby Vintage Cookie - Cake by Vintique Cakes (Anita)
Dimensional Haute Couture Cookies 👗👝👠 - Cake by Bobbie
A cute cake with Royal icing - Cake by Prachi Dhabaldeb
Valentine’s cookie - Cake by Patricia El Murr
Kadomatsu - Cake by Vicky Chang
Dimensional Winter Wonderland Cookies 🌲☃️🕊️  - Cake by Bobbie
Leonardo Da Vinci Challe- Head of the Saviour  - Cake by Mayi Pouso
MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM WEDDING COOKIES - Cake by Agatha Rogowska ( Cakefield Avenue)
La curiosità di una bambina  - Cake by Arianna Sugar Art
Spooky Zombie girl.... - Cake by The Cookie Lab  by Marta Torres
Art Déco Wedding Cake - Cake by Cláud' Art Sugar
Royal Icing hand painted wedding cake - Cake by Diana Toma
Arctic Fox - Cake by PUDING FARM
Easter Chocolate Eggs - Cake by Katia Malizia
Vintage summer dress cookie - Cake by Sweet Dreams by Heba
Cold June - Cake by Cookies by Joss
Terracotta Pottery Artifacts - Cake by PUDING FARM
Chicory - Cake by PUDING FARM
Houseleek - Cake by PUDING FARM
Alice in Wonderland - Cake by Verónica Castañón
Farewell - Cake by PUDING FARM
3-D cookie project: Shabby Chic Flowerpots  - Cake by Cookies by Joss
Homenaje Día de la Madre - Cake by El Atelier de la Repostería
Let's Forge for Mushrooms - Cake by Bobbie