Little man with the things he loves

Little man with the things he loves
Little man with the things he loves Little man with the things he loves Little man with the things he loves Little man with the things he loves

Made this cake for a friend of my mother in law, she wanted the cake to have bowls, golfing, his parrot his dog and shrubs and plants! wasn’t sure how i was going to incorporate all that with a 10"cake, so came up with a garden type theme, I’m sorry the pictures are not very good, i didn’t take many because i didn’t really like this cake and wasn’t going to post it but my friends seem to like it so thought i would, one thing i realised making this this cake is I’m quite rubbish at making people! lol lots more practice needed i think! thank you for looking :-)


Hi elli, what a cute cake!!!!! Love all the little details! Good job!!!!!!!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Wonderful modelling and details. Love the stone ground! You should be proud of this cake.

Gabriela Lopes, Portugal,

don’t like?? are you mad?? this is fabulous!! wonderful details and what is wrong with the little man? he is so cute!! I agree with Bolos.. be PROUD of this. it’s wonderful. Your planters are awesomely detailed. excellent cake and this is going on my pinterest board of sugarcraft, so there!


'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

Well, Elli, you should be happy about this cake!! It’s fantastic – you incorporated what the lady asked for. Love all of it – the flower pots, garden gate, golf bag, bird house, and all of your modeling is great. Love it! Glad you posted it :)

HE is my rock and my strong tower

Thank you so much, Luna, Cake heaven, Sofia, Gabriela, Fiona and Jan! your all so lovely,

Thank you Gabriela, i think the stone board was the one thing i was happy with! lol :-)

Fiona you always make me smile, its the classic case of “our own worst critic” can’t believe you wanted to put this on your pin board! thank you so much lovely lady :-)

jan thank you, your so sweet :-)

Nice cake Elli! As usual, your attention to detail is flawless. I even like the lawn bowls touch and there is so much happening. It would have been a shame if you had not shared it with the rest of the community. :)

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