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I had a little bit of this pale yellow icing left so decided to try another Dahlia. Have been trying to perfect this flower for a long time. I have made this one on a cell bud with a wire. I have not dusted it yet but I might!
I have not used ANY cutters. Just a plastic bag to push out the petals and sugar glue.


Exquisite and so delicate x

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I really love this. Had never thought of doing it using that method. I might just give it a try.

Aw wow thanks so much! Try it Goreti! Its just the same method as roses but folding the petals inwards. And you just need to make wee sausages of paste then spread out long and thinner petals. I make two out of one sausage of paste. Lol i think i will have to do another to show you.


Ken used to grow these flowers for exhibition and we have lots of them in the garden. I’ve shown him this photo and he wants me to tell you it’s the best sugar flower he has seen! Amazing Lisa!

-- Christine from

I really thought it was real. I’m blown away, so delicate. Fantastic xx

-- karen,Gwynedd

Truly amazing Lisa it looks so real

-- Jo, NZ,

The prettiest sugar Dahlia i have seen Lisa, its so real and delicate

-- Robin

Lisa this is such a delicate looking flower. Love the fact that you have done this with no cutters, so lovely xx

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Thank you all so much. Such lovely kind words! I have been studying a dahlia book this week and have been planting my dahlia bulbs at the moment. So i had to give it another go!!!


Lisa, beautiful!
note: you must be a really patient person :-)

-- Dina @ miettes,