Little Cherry




Skeleton Boy from Corpse Bride - Cakenweenie Project

Just one of the 100 Tim Burton themed cakes we made for his birthday :)




Love it!

Starry Delights

He is awesome :) xx


Awesome, love him! :-)

Elli Warren

He’s brilliant!! :-)


Tracey he is amazing and so are you!! My full respect on being such an incredible artist and person

Michael Almeida

Excellent work and associated to the cakenweenie :-)


Amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X

Verusca Walker

Its is amazing Tracey xoxo

Calli Creations

oh my darling Tracey!!! the mastermind behind this incredible project!!! what an amazing piece this is and what a joy to work alongside you as well… thank you and love your incredible designs!!!

Tea Party Cakes

He’s brilliant Tracey!! You were amazing throughout the whole project. I don’t think we could have asked for a better leader! Thank you so much for letting me participate as well. xx

Laura Loukaides

WOW!! This is outstanding!!
Nice job!! Xx

Little Cherry

hugs shucks guys!!! I love you xxxxxxx


Wow just brilliant & amazing project too x

Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

Love it so perfect <3

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Skeleton Boy from Corpse Bride - Cakenweenie Project