Chandelier Cake

Chandelier Cake
Chandelier Cake

Ok, so this was a HUGE risk. But I had the stand custom made by some local acrylic guys. Hung all the beads myself (took forever). And then made two of the 4 cake actual cake and the other two styro. I was too afraid the stand wouldn’t hold the weight. Made it through the wedding! You’ll never believe this though- the event staff THREW AWAY the stand!!! I had to dig it out of the trash can!

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Wow!!! This is totally stunning!! LOVE it!! And OMG to the Event Staff!! I would have cracked it!!! So glad you managed to rescue it :) xx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

This is beautiful, love this. People are crazy aren’t they!

Kath's Cakes

Absolutely stunning. Well done and well rescued!


Amazing cake, unique and perfect in its own way…
I am so glad you were able to retrieve the stand… ah, the ignorance :-(

Dina @ miettes,

Absolutely stunning!!!!! Cant beleve they threw away the stand!!!! Glad you got it back x

well done! thank goodness you managed to get the stand back!!

Xclusive, HTTP://

Cake is beautiful. What idiot would through out this stand?! Seriously, some people you have to wonder what they do with their brain.