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Simple Little Elephant Cake

Double barrel 7" vanilla bean cake with pineapple filling topped with a 5" orange cake filled with orange curd and raspberry compote. There was also a small banana chocolate chip cutting cake filled peanut butter smb just for the mom-to-be as it is her favorite. Cake was fashioned after the decor for the baby’s room and the elephant rocker I purchased as her gift. Thanks so much for looking.

-- Carla Jo, California

baby shower gray blue white cake banana pineapple raspberry orange vanilla bean


Laura Loukaides

Awh this is so so cute!!
Love it, great job!! Xx

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Oh wow that’s gorgeous

Carla Jo

Awwwe, thanks Laura and Robin. Fun cake to make as I have known the father-to- be ever since he was born.


very pretty


Carla Jo, adorable cake, love it!

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Simple Little Elephant Cake