Fly through Blue Skies

Fly through Blue Skies

A sad story about this cake…
The pilot somehow melted…oddly, the other elements are perfectly fine… :(
What’s your sad cake stories?

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This, the way it is pictured, looks really nice!
:-( to hear about the melting of the pilot, is is hot-weather related? because you’ll hear plenty of disastrous stories…

Dina @ miettes,

Very pretty cake! lovely detail! he doesn’t look melted on pic! but with the hot weather we have had i totally feel for you!! has been a nightmare keeping figures from melting! i found that finding the coolest room in the house with a dehumidifier on constantly it dried everything back to normal! as long as all the doors and windows to that room are closed! hope thats a good tip! :-)

It is adorable. Too bad about the pilot.

@miettes: im not sure, after i dropped it off at the restaurant, the waitress told me that she would put it in the cooler and later on i received a picture of the pilot, melted, while the thinnest part of the cake, the fan blades were perfectly fine.. weird!

@elli: the picture was taken before i dropped the cake off at the restaurant.. it is very hot and humid here in jakarta, but again, i find it all too weird seeing that it was just the pilot that was melting away…

@goreti: thanks ;) yes too bad, but im glad i had taken a picture of it being perfectly fine…

Guilt Desserts ~ Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures ~

sounds odd doesnt it, you would expect the blades to melt first. looks amazing though, you did a fantastic job :)


Thank you Naomi..!
@Robin: exactly my thought.. thanks Robin… :)

Guilt Desserts ~ Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures ~