Guilt Desserts


My story is a classic hobby -> business thing. I was busy doing some graphic designing until I craved for some sweets, went to the kitchen, and voila! Here I am now, baking and designing cakes.

-- Guilt Desserts ~ Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures ~


Calli Creations

wow… so beautiful!!!


My friend’s husband – a golfer- is turning 50. She wants me to make this cake of yours. May I use your design? Thanks, Radhika

Guilt Desserts

Hi Radhika, I’d be honored :)


Thank you sweetie! What is your name? You’re in KL aren’t you?

Guilt Desserts

Sure thing :) my name is Imelda, from Indonesia ;)

AWG Hobby Cakes

lovely page !! new follower to your amazing cakes ! x

Guilt Desserts

Hi Wallace..! Thanks so muchh.. :)

AWG Hobby Cakes



Hi there, just thought I would let you know that I am a HUGE fan of your work. You are an inspirational Caker! Take care, Trudy

Little Cake Cupboard

gorgeous work, feeling very inspired! new follower :)


New follower here! love your work!

Lily White's Party Cakes

Hi! I’m not totally sure how to reply to your question about the gold, lol, because I don’t think you’d get notified if I posted on the picture. lol. Anyway, it was applied to dried royal icing! Used Claire Bowmans gold lustre dust with a little everclear and it went on like gold! I love it! Hope that helps! ;-)

Sugarpatch Cakes

Just found you when I saw your hot air balloon cake! Amazing work, new follower xx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Oh my goodness, how have I not been following your amazing creations before! Your work is perfection!!


Not sure how I have missed you before – just fallen in love with your lovely under the sea cake! Following now so I don’t miss anymore of your beautiful creations x