Disney's Brave Cake

Disney's Brave Cake

Cake based on the Disney movie Brave. The arrow and bears are made from fondant. The vines are piped with buttercream. I had cut the letters and the “5” in the Brave font and added edible marker details. Thanks for looking! I loved make this cake!

Alyssa Hall @CuteologyCakes


LOVE IT. Love love love it. It’s absolutely perfectly flawless

Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

Awh so so cute!!
Amazing job!! Xx

Laura Loukaides - Instagram.com/LauraLoukaides

Love this cake Alyssa, so perfectly executed :)

Sarah, New Zealand, http://www.facebook.com/#!/TheCakeTin


HE is my rock and my strong tower

This is so adorable. You really did an amazing job

Thank you all so much!!!! Your comments made my day!

Alyssa Hall @CuteologyCakes