My Icing obsession

My Icing obsession
My Icing obsession My Icing obsession My Icing obsession My Icing obsession

I am starting to feel quite panicked. I am away for 27 days on a very very busy business trip. A food Trade show for our company in Australia. We will be in Costco Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra giving away free samples of our Custard square and selling Frozen packs of 10. Why am I feeling panicked. I make 3 to 6 flowers a week and I wont have time to make many if ANY!!! I start getting icing DT’s after just 2 days … never alone 27 days of no sugar! Here are some of my flowers… Yup Im the crazy icing lady who may need to build an extension on to the house soon to keep them all! One VERY exciting thing though! I might meet Raewyn From in Sydney!!!! Too too cool!


Lisa, they are so pretty !!! I am going to miss your “icing roses” for a month :-(

Dina @ miettes,

They are so gorgeous and beautiful! Enjoy your sugar break Lisa!

Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Hey you sweet thing! Maybe you will have to take a wee bit of icing away…..just for therapy sake. I am sure that meeting Raewyn will be awesome……..just a TINY bit jealous there. Have a great time away xx

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

WOW Lisa!!! waht an array of sheer beauty!!! love these my dear talented friend!! <3

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

All are so beautiful Lisa! Wish I had one small iota of your flower making talent! Hope you enjoy your trip and manage to squeeze in some flower making… :)


Going to miss seeing your beautiful creations, maybe you could sneak some gumpaste with you, for medicinal purposes of course lol
Ok so I’m a tiny bit jealous that Rae gets to meet you and that you get to meet Rae.


Going to miss you divine roses and flowers for a month Lisa. Might bump into you, if you happen to be in Costco Sydney( Lidcombe) and I am lucky enough to be there :-)

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,