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Summer in the Greek Islands!

This is a cake I made for my birthday on the 26th of May. I wanted to welcome summer and to lighten up everybody’s heart, after a very difficult winter for my country.
So, this is how we spend our summer in the greek islands, which are full of little white houses:
sitting in a wooden chair on the porch, the air filled with rose and basil scents, gazing at the sea.
Perhaps with a little ‘ouzaki’ and ‘meze’ on the iron table.

Underneath the blue sea is a lemon cake with white chocolate ganache and lemon curd as a filling. This is my personal favorite!!

-- M&G Cakes, http://www.mandgcakes.com, https://www.facebook.com/MandG.Cakes

birthday lemon cake greek greece summer lemon curd white chocolate ganache chair table basil rose sea seagulls waves



Love it!

Elli Warren

Gorgeous cake! beautiful background brings it to life! Love the little rose! :-)

Karen's Kakery

So Shirley Valentine!! I love it, and wish I was on that beach in front of the little place we sometimes stay in Thassos xx

M&G Cakes

thank you for your kind words!


This is so cute !!!

The Custom Cakery

Love this :)

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Summer in the Greek Islands!