Hand Painted Alice In Wonderland Cake

Hi Everyone!

This is my hand painted Alice In Wonderland Cake! It was my first ever hand painted cake that wasn’t flowers. I did all the work free hand. My plan in my head was to use a hint of red on certain points of the cake, but after I painted the black, I loved it so much just black and white, I didn’t think it needed anything else. I have been teaching myself to stop, even though I could have happily carried on and painted more on it ha!

The tea cup on the top is fondant, and you can’t see from the photo but is hollow, like a real tea cup…if that makes sense! It was my first ever tea cup, so there are a couple of things I would do differently next time. But over all I am pretty happy with it :)

Thanks for looking! xxx

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cool cake




Wondeful! Love it!!

Lilas e Laranja (by Teresa de Gruyter)

Really nice story telling! Love it!

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Hand Painted Alice In Wonderland Cake