Paul Smith inspired birthday cake

Paul Smith inspired birthday cake

30th Birthday cake covered in Paul Smith inspired stripes. This stripes on this bad boy, from colouring, to cutting, to sticking took 8 hours!! A real labour of love. My only issue is that I used contact paper to cover black paper on the board and it looks dreadful! Last time I use contact paper over black….lesson learned.
Fererro Rocher cake with nutella buttercream and nutella ganache :) | Perth, Scotland


Very elegant and fit for his birthday! @mille fiori cake design


WOW WOW WOW - when I first saw this as your timeline on FB, I fell in love with it —→ straight into favorites!

Dina @ miettes,

Perfectly designed love the stripes x

Gorgeous such perfect stripes, definately a favourite :-)

Jo, NZ,

Wow, looks awesome and sounds delicious. Wouldn’t mind a slice right now to go with my coffee. yum

wow….perfect stripe!! sounds delicious….i want one :D

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