Flying Tea Pot

Flying Tea Pot
Flying Tea Pot

My 2nd attempt working with pouring sugar,i made this cake for early mother’s day celebration with my family.
Thanks for looking :)

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Love it! Always amazed at these “in the air” designs…

Dina @ miettes,

gorgeous! but how did you manage to fix straight up teapot?

Nadine A.

Fab x would love to try one of these designs

Ange Cliffe, Authenticake UK,

Thank You every one :)
-Sugar&Spice by NA : i used 1/8 inch wire and put in inside clear vinyl tubing,cut as much as you need, lay down the wire and vinyl tube on the tray with silpat(silicone mat) on top of the tray. And put ice cube line up on the both side of the tube and pour your sugar on it. hope you understand :)
I’ll try to make tutorial on this :D

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